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January 2010 Mekatron, in Concord, California becomes the first Certified Female Friendly® Service Center in the East bay.

Mekatron Joins with to Offer Services Designed with the Women Consumer in Mind

Mekatron Premier Automotive Service of Concord, California, is proud to announce they are ready to address the needs of women consumers, as part of the growing network of Certified Female Friendly® locations in North America. Team members at Mekatron have completed a training and certification process to provide a Certified Female Friendly® experience that exceeds women's expectations.

Visit the Mekatron micro-site: and at 1771 Concord Avenue, Concord, California 94520.

To become Certified Female Friendly®, Mekatron's personnel completed an extensive training program on how to best serve women. Mekatron employees will participate in year-round instruction to enhance their awareness, appreciation, and commitment to a female-friendly service experience. Mekatron will also benefit from a unique marketing support program designed to reach out and build lasting relationships with women customers.

"Women influence 85 percent of the buying decisions in North American households, effectively becoming the family's chief purchasing officer," says Jody DeVere, CEO of, Inc." AskPatty trains and certifies automotive businesses on how to communicate more effectively with women and ensure they feel safe, respected and empowered, which creates tremendous customer loyalty. Mekatron's commitment to women shows that management is serious about earning their business."

In conjunction with, Mekatron has launched a female-focused micro-site that provides the tools and resources most requested by women. The micro-site gives women the ability to schedule service appointments, access coupons and discounts, and learn more about car care online from the comfort of their home or office. The micro-site is easily accessed by searching on, or by going directly to their site.

About Mekatron (History):

Founded as a corporation in Berkeley, California in 1969, Mekatron was initially involved in racing and performance modification of sports cars. We also performed maintenance and repairs on English cars such as MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Rover, Bentley and Rolls Royce, as well as European cars such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia, Audi and Citroen, among others. We rapidly gained a reputation for being one of the rare shops that could actually keep exotic cars running as well as, or even better than originally designed. We developed service schedules for these cars that were much more realistic, and cost effective, than the original factory specifications. We earned a reputation, not only for technical competence, but for honesty and reasonable prices.

In the 1970's we became one of the first auto repair shops to computerize its operations (long before Microsoft was born), and developed a franchise style system of car repair. We then opened another shop in Berkeley and shops in Oakland and Concord, California.

Over the years it became obvious that the Japanese were starting to make cars that could not only outperform their competitors but were infinitely more reliable. In 1990 Mekatron was divided into separate companies and the Concord shop began to specialize in Japanese car repair.

The industry then came full circle and some of the American and European cars had reliability equaling the Japanese. European cars have gained a whole new appeal for style, handling and performance. Mekatron has come full circle as well and in 2006 began working on Volkswagen and more recently Audi.

Mekatron has developed, in house, its own computerized diagnosing, estimating, scheduling and control systems. By continually keeping up with the latest equipment, technology and training, Mekatron Concord has become far more state-of-the-art than its average competitors, including the car dealerships. By automating the time consuming daily work of auto repair, the staff has more available time to spend with the customer. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate, prioritize with honest advice, and remove intimidation from the experience of car repair. Having automobile service done by Mekatron maybe the first stress free car service experience some customers have ever had.

Today Mekatron Concord is working on the final blueprint for an actual franchise of its system.

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With international headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California,, Inc. takes a two-pronged approach to revolutionizing the women's automotive retail market: For consumers, the website, is a safe and reliable source for expert automotive advice and research. For auto dealers, tire dealers, collision centers, auto service and repair centers, the revolutionary Certified Female Friendly® program, designed from the ground up, trains and certifies automotive retail and service centers on how to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with women customers.

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