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Auto Service

We keep your Acura awesome and your Nissan like new. We follow a regular schedule of factory recommended auto service, auto repair service and car maintenance services. This is the best prevention against unexpected breakdowns and unnecessary damage to your car. A well maintained vehicle often last 250,000 miles or more. Poorly maintained vehicles can be worn out in less than half that time. A car that is not well maintained costs approximately three times more over its lifespan than a car that receives good regular service. Below are examples of items that are often missed through lack of servicing. They can cause a breakdown or a much more expensive automotive repair than auto service alone:

Of course, paying a flat rate shop to whistle through your auto repair services and charge you full price while missing half the checks accomplishes nothing. We are not a "flat rate" shop. For 40+ years we have taken pride in the fact that we do everything on the auto service check list, no matter how long it takes. We will also report to you any items that may need repair outside of the service, in priority order, and will let you know our recommendation about which repairs are important and which can be deferred. This priority will be based on how and where you drive as well as what is financially convenient for you.

Our goal is keeping you informed about the best course of action to maintain your car's peak performance, without intimidation or misinformation.