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Our Team

Ian Miller - Owner

Ian - Code Name: 'The Maestro.' A very much loved dad, step-dad and grandpa, Ian has been in the auto repair industry 47 years and has owned Mekatron for 40 years. The heartbeat of Mekatron, Ian orchestrates the day to day operations using the "Auto Solution" computer program he developed. Ian's hobbies are skiing, biking, hiking and scuba diving. Rumor has it that he was clocked skiing 59.8 mph in Trevino, Italy at the age of 60!

Michael Blackwell - General Manager

Michael - Code Name: 'The Host,' The soul of Mekatron, Michael has the ability to put even the most apprehensive client at ease! Michael has been in the industry 35 years and with Mekatron 13 years. Michael's hobbies are cooking, hiking, gardening, soccer and biking. This father, step-father and grandfather, is an ex-football player from London, England who still finds the time (and the nerve) to play the game Americans call soccer!

Michael Clauson - Assistant manager and shop foreman - ASE certified 'Master' diagnostic and Smog Technician

Mike - Code Name: 'Gentle Giant,' Mike is a doting dad and granddad. Mike possesses the unique ability to almost intuitively diagnose your car. Having been in the industry for 35 years and with Mekatron 11 years, Mike is also our most experienced technician. With a passion for water skiing, snow skiing and traveling (He and his wife love going on cruises).

Peter Oosterhuis - ASE certified 'Master' Diagnostic and smog Technician

Peter - Code Name: 'The Theorist,' brilliant in his knowledge of auto repair, Peter has been in the industry 40 years and with Mekatron 11 years. Peter has a passion for computers and the internet and is surrogate father to 'Tigger' the German Shepherd.

Steve Miller - ASE certified technician - Extremely skillful Heavy Duty Technician

Steve - Code Name: 'The Heavy Duty Guru,'Our go to guy for all things mechanical, Steve has been in the industry 27 years and with Mekatron 23 years, he has literally grown up under a car! As our efficient and most accurate heavy duty technician, Steve is the backbone of the shop floor. An avid camper, Steve also loves to cruise on his Harley. His other hobbies are skydiving and jet skiing.

Thomas Gentry - ASE certified 'Master' Diagnostic and smog Technician

A rising star who has already reached the level of "Master" Technician, Thomas has been in the industry 6 years and with Mekatron 1 year. When not playing with his daughter, this new father can be found practicing Brazilian Jujitsu or chilling out playing the drums.

Bill Berck - ASE certified 'Master' Diagnostic and smog Technician

Enthusiast doesn't begin to describe him. A total car junkie. He has more projects at home than the average racing car team. He is brilliant. If you give him two bolts and a piece of string he can make an Airplane